We’ve said it numerous times… The Rains are a local musical force of two (well … three when they tap Sonoma County premier bassist Michael Lindner). Sonya Marie and I LOVE this group who deliver the goods each and every time they take the stage. Right off the bat one recognizes that the lyrics are of a superior quality, well considered and impeccably written, whether the song content is sentimental (as in song #3, Daddy’s Dream), socio-political (#4, Pushing Us Out of the City), or funny as all heck (#6 Cappuchino Machine). As a singing couple, Marty and Carol‘s vocal harmonies are beautifully alluring, in fact some of the best I’ve heard in quite a while. Supporting all of the above are their ample capabilities as acoustic guitarists. Lastly, I really like Marty’s sparse but well placed harmonica embellishments which lend an engaging texture to their musical gestalt. There’s no hyperbole stating ‘The Rains are like having a bit of Nashville right here in lil o’ Petaluma’. Robert Joseph (RoJo) Host at Red Brick